Storm Babet has wreaked havoc across the country with the Anglian Water region in the Midlands and East of England being particularly hard hit.

Danaher & Walsh is part of the Anglian Water team that manage the network – it hasn’t been business as usual over the last few days.

11th hour call keeps main hospital open

On Monday evening at 9pm there was a serious incident at Pilgrim Hospital, the main emergency hospital in the region. A private contractor working on their land breached their sewers.  The hospital rang the Fire Brigade, and 25 firefighters attended the incident along with private pumping companies, however the problem remained as the sewer had totally collapsed.

The sewer is not part of the Anglian Water network, but in desperation, the hospital phoned Anglian Water to see if there was anything they could do to help because the situation was getting so bad that the flood in their boiler room was within an hour of meaning that the hospital was going to have to be evacuated.

Danaher & Walsh have been working in conjunction with Anglian Water for 18 years and the skill and experience of our team, led by Danny Ellis, who managed to over-pump across the breach in the sewer, meant that the situation was contained and the hospital remained open, with the patients not having to be disturbed.

Pollution Prevention

Rising flood water from Storm Babet was threatening to pollute an environmentally significant and sizeable pond.  Danaher & Walsh, in conjunction with Anglian Water, worked overnight on Friday night into Saturday morning. We successfully used our knowledge and problem-solving ability to prevent the pollution from occurring and maintain the integrity of the pond.

Three-car rescue

The third in our series of rescues was for the neighbours of our facility in Spilsby.  Storm Babet caused many roads to be flooded in the area.  At around 2.30pm a neighbour called one of our managers personally with an SOS – the road is flooded and people can’t get through – is there anything Anglian Water and Danaher & Walsh can do? Yes, there was.  We attended the area in question, helped the situation and even pushed three cars out of the flooded area.

Storm Babet tested the resolve of the IMR WR alliance, and as always when faced with adversity, the team pulled together and got the job done. It is a testament to the character of the team, that even when faced with the potential of the main A&E hospital entering a critical emergency status, they remained calm and focused on the task at hand.

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Photo of storm flooding

I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved, and I want to thank each and every person who assisted during this event for protecting our assets, environment and the people in our region.Neil Fitzjohn | Programme operational excellence manager of IMR WR Alliance.

The team’s resolve is never underestimated, and whilst the guys will consider it business as usual, this was a test that they passed with flying colours.

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