Marching to Success: D&W Strikes Gold in Safety and Shines Bright in Considerate Construction Audit

Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering has been awarded a GOLD MEDAL AWARD from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). This is as a result of five consecutive years of achieving a Gold Award.

“Workplace accidents don’t just pose financial risks and operational disruptions; they significantly impact the quality of life for individuals. This is why acknowledging and rewarding excellent safety performance is vital. We congratulate Danaher & Walsh for winning a prestigious RoSPA Award and showing an unwavering commitment to keeping employees, clients and customers safe from accidental harm and injury.”

Julia Small, RoSPA’s Achievements Director

According to RoSPA themselves, by earning a RoSPA Award, organisations not only receive recognition for their accomplishments but also become part of a legacy that values dedication to high safety standards and the well-being of individuals and signifies a commitment to excellence. This epitomises Danaher & Walsh values, so we are delighted to receive this award that reflects our passion as far as health and safety and our commitment to excellence are concerned.

Thank you to everyone at Danaher & Walsh for following our health & safety procedures and working hard to keep yourselves and each other safe – nothing is more important than this. Well done and thank you to our SHEQ team.

Full marks in considerate constructors audit

March also saw the final audit by the Considerate Constructors Scheme at our Watkin Road Bridge site as the project is nearing completion. Having achieved 44/45 on our previous audit we were determined to get full marks this time around . .and due to the hard work of the site team and the support functions, we smashed it! Full marks!

We received a maximum of 45 across all the categories. The monitor commended the team for achieving all aspects of the checklist to a very high standard. We are very proud.

Fantastic work by all involved. Next up for the Watkin Road Bridge team . . the final bridge beam lift! Watch this space.

Full marks on considerate constructors audit graphic

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