Danaher & Walsh introduces wellbeing owls on all sites

Danaher & Walsh has launched a pioneering new initiative to provide owls on every construction site to help boost employee morale and mental wellbeing.

The nocturnal predators, famed for their wise demeanour, have been selected for the task based on their calming influence on workers, as demonstrated in a series of trials.

Their ability to rotate their head by up to 270° is also deemed to be a benefit, as they are able to keep a watch over a large number of workers from a static position.

D&W’s parliament of owls will be homed in a purpose-built aviary behind its Mountsorrel head office, where they will receive care and specialist training.

Speaking about the initiative, Operations Coordinator Ken Wise said: “We’re proud to be yet again leading the way in employee mental health and wellbeing.

“The usually nocturnal birds have adapted well to having a day job. The owls have quickly become popular team members, even getting involved in social activities.

“An added bonus of using owls is the significant reduction in pest control costs on our sites.”

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