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Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering specialise in working on live highways or creating new roads for adoption.

Over a period of more than 50 years we have developed an excellent reputation for our work on Section 278 works for both developers and main contractors. Known as the ‘go-to’ contractor for complete highway packages, we fully manage the works and have extensive experience in dealing with highway authorities, statutory undertakers and other stakeholders.

Danaher & Walsh’s vast experience of highway works equips us to manage schemes ranging from simple road improvements to complex traffic junctions and structural works.

We will always work closely with you to ensure your project is completed on budget and programme and to the highest quality. With Danaher & Walsh, you have complete peace of mind.

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Connect with Danaher & Walsh to experience our engineering brilliance.

We are recognised as one of the leading contractors in the Midlands for the construction, maintenance and repair of bridges. From the installation of high-tech modern bridges to the restoration of historic, listed structures, we have the knowledge and experience to manage bridgeworks projects from start to finish.

Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering is recognised as one of the leading contractors in the Midlands for the design, construction, maintenance and repair of bridges.

Our job is to make your job easy.

If you are looking for a contractor who understands the complications involved in constructing a new bridge (or restoring a historic one), you can rest assured that the experienced people here at Danaher & Walsh will add value to your team with our advice, skills, professionalism and can-do attitude. With Danaher & Walsh, you have complete peace of mind.

A selection of our Bridgeworks projects

Public Realm

Realms of possibility.

We transform public realm spaces by balancing aesthetics, accessibility, and sustainability. The goal is to transform the quality of life of the people living in the community or to bring greater economic prosperity to the area.

From paving to fountains, green spaces to gardens, Danaher & Walsh has the experience to elevate the elegance of your public realm space. Our engineers and craftsmen will work together to create something the community can be proud of, and our commercial team will work with you to ensure that everything is delivered on time and on budget.

From play areas and parks to city squares and urban landscapes, Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering’s passion for regeneration is reflected in the standard of our work.

With D&W’s extensive experience of working in densely-populated urban settings, we can manage projects effectively with minimum disruption to the surrounding environment and the people using the area. With Danaher & Walsh, you have complete peace of mind.

A selection of our Public Realm projects


Innovative solutions for pipeline rehabilitation and repairs.

At Danaher & Walsh Advanced Pipelining Solutions (APS), trust is the cornerstone of our services. With an outstanding reputation in the industry, we pride ourselves on efficiently completing projects in a cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner. Our high customer retention speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Specialised Solutions – our expertise lies in crafting innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for your complex challenges. Regardless of project size, we integrate cutting-edge technology, industry-leading installation teams, and years of operational experience to deliver success in challenging environments.

Comprehensive Pipelining Solutions – our liners are tailored for demanding applications, offering resistance to high temperatures, low temperatures, high pressures (up to 16 bar), and exceptional corrosive protection. Fully structural in design, these liners match or exceed the strength of the original pipe material.

Choose Danaher & Walsh APS for pipelining solutions.

A selection of our Pipelining projects


A passion for perfection.

At Danaher & Walsh, we understand that a solid foundation is the cornerstone of progress. That’s why we engineer solutions that stand the test of time. Whether it’s intricate drainage systems that safeguard communities or building robust access roads that connect possibilities, we thrive on challenges. Our dedicated staff can provide the right solution for your infrastructure projects including:

  • drainage
  • access roads
  • car parks
  • pipelines
  • structures and more

Working with the private sector – from major developers and house builders to national contractors and our public sector clients- we have developed an excellent reputation over more than 50 years. With us, you’re not just getting a contractor; you’re partnering with a civil engineering specialist. Experience the difference at Danaher & Walsh.

A selection of our Infrastructure projects

Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering Midlands & East of England Infrastructure


Danaher & Walsh specialise in framework agreements because this method of procuring work is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Because we are on so many frameworks, you know you can rely on us – the required due diligence has already been undertaken by numerous procurement and delivery specialists. Frameworks encourage close working relationships, repeat business and build trust and mutual respect.  Value for money is assured.  Frameworks Danaher & Walsh is approved on:-

  • Procure Partnerships – Infrastructure East Midlands
  • Procure Partnerships – Infrastructure East of England
  • Anglian Water – 15 year arrangement AMP6 to AMP8
  • Milestone Cambridgeshire
  • Milestone Oxfordshire
  • Milestone Peterborough
  • Leicester City Council Highways
  • Leicester City Council Structures
  • Nottinghamshire County Council VIA Highways Alliance
  • Nottingham City Council – Structures
  • Pagabo Eastern & Pagabo Western
  • Warwickshire Highways

The scheme looks excellent and I am very pleased with the final results. The project has transformed the area and is a major enhancement of the Belgrave Road environment. This has not been an easy journey for the team and I just wanted to thank everyone enormously for the huge efforts and often creative approaches to bring the project in by today in readiness for the events to bury a king! Fantastic job and well done to all involved.

Andrew L. Smith, Director of Planning, Transportation and Economic Development, Leicester City Council

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